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About Ball & Sprocket, Inc.

Ball & Sprocket is a new kind of game company, formed by three dads who share a common belief that technology and humor can be combined to make learning irresistible.

Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen is General Manager, Education Technology at The Advisory Board, and previously served as founder and CEO of Presidium, Inc., now BlackBoard Student Services.  He was a founder of BlackBoard, Inc., where he held positions including Chief Corporate Officer, President, International, CFO, and General Counsel.

Russell Ginns

Russell Ginns has produced over 400 consumer products with a focus on games and learning.  He is Creative Director at Naaya, and previously led product development for Sylvan Learning, Hooked on Phonics, and Sesame Workshop. 

Scott Ableman

 Scott Ableman is Executive Vice President of E-commerce at The Teaching Company, the leader in lifelong learning. A 25 year marketing veteran with a focus on Internet and mobile, he previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Simplexity, the Internet's #1 authorized wireless retailer, and held senior marketing positions at Network Solutions, Winstar, and MCI Communications.

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