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Introducing THUD! Presidents Edition

What is THUD!?

THUD! is a flexible new game platform from Ball & Sprocket that combines learning with fun for all ages.  

  • It's Fun
    THUD! is first and foremost an irresistible game, with humor and physics-based challenges that are loads of fun no matter how much you know.  

  • It's Educational
    THUD! reinforces classroom learning by turning answers into game pieces.  Mixing funny trivia with core curriculum equalizes the playing field and makes the subjects fun.  With THUD!, you learn as you play, and every player is a winner.

  • It's Flexible
    THUD! Presidents Edition is the first of many potential titles in the THUD! series. The THUD! platform is flexible to support the educational needs of school systems and other institutions, or the promotional needs of companies.




THUD Presidents William Howard Taft Screen
THUD Educational Game by Ball & Sprocket